April Easter Catch Up!

Wow, what a month, this easter has been spectacularly busy and I have some exciting news to share with you all.

I’m so happy I wanted to tell everyone and shout about it, I wouldn’t usually mix personal and business stories on my page but it’s all Nicky Noodles at the end of the day my business is my everything, making you happy makes me happy so let’s celebrate together the happy news.

During the month I’ve sung my heart out hosting 2 karaoke nights at the Wellington in Shadwell. What a laugh we had together with the locals it really is one of my favourite activities I offer, not many people know I offer Karaoke entertainment if you’re interested please do get in touch to book.

I went on a pirate adventure with the youngsters at All Stars Nursery in Farsley, A storytelling interactive workshop, we learnt about the pirate ship, fought the invisible Captain Skellybones, painted out faces and had sword fights with real balloon swords! All to save the magical mermaids bubble. Let us know if you would like to see more storytelling adventure parties in the near future, we are always looking for ways to improve and keep our parties the best in town.

Of course, our Easter could not be complete without the Farsley WMC big Easter party. We had DJ Stu playing lots of fun games and hosting the one and only FWMC Easter Bonnet contest while I was busy away painting the cutest bunny faces, Awwwww!

More photos here

To finish up the month Me and my partner celebrated our engagement party for friends and family, we sang together, laughed together and partied together. It was a truly wonderful night and so grateful to know such wonderful people. SUPRISE… we shocked them all with the announcement to come and join us all for the actual wedding the same time next year!

Words can not describe how I excited I am to be planning the biggest party of my life, I have never done this before and never plan on doing it again so I am looking for any help, suggestions, whatever; if you can offer advice or a service let me know in the comments.

Easter bunny? chocolate rabbit?… no an actual rabbit!?! and she’s gorgeous!

I’ve never seen myself as a bunny girl or even liked rabbits (I was scared of them as a kid)…

But it was love at first sight <3

The shop was going to send her back to the breeder because the manager thought she’d never sell with one ear missing, so we decided to give her a forever home with us and she is a total soft cuddly nutter just like the rest of us.

So proudly introducing the newest member of the noodles family…

Miss Lopsi Noodles

Happy Easter everyone!

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xX – Nicky Noodles – Xx