Bliss in a field! – Festival Review

As the Nicky Noodles On Tour kicks off, I thought I’d get my writing cap on and tell everyone about my beautiful adventure at Blissfields the first festival of the season and boy did I love being back in a field.

There’s no greater joy in rocking up on a field after a 6hour drive (in the blistering sun and traffic), to then be greeted with hugs, smiles and warm welcomes as I join the Angel Gardens team for another year of festival fun.

Over the past 8 years I’ve worked with Angel Gardens on and off squeezing in festivals wherever I can in the summer but in recent years I’ve had to step back and build up my own business  (wonder what that could be?)  but as I greeted the team (old and new) felt like only yesterday since I last joined my festival family in a field full of love and hugs, music and laughter.

The scariest part was looking at all the angel gardens crew children and seeing how much they have grown and how they have become their own little people, beautiful independent unique little people.

My magic moment of the weekend was on the very last day when I let the crew kids get their own back by attacking me with face painting, a precious moment I’ll never forget!

Many people think festivals aren’t a place for children but I couldn’t disagree more (as long as you pick the right ones) It’s a wonderful atmosphere where kids can play safely learn about diversity and the kindness of others, It’s an atmosphere words can not do justice. I still remember my first festival at 16 and just being shocked by how friendly and kind everyone around you is and that feeling of belonging.

While setting up I got badly sunburnt which set me up to hide from the sun at every given moment in my true vampire form. I’m not very up to date on music and I only knew one band over the weekend Electro Swing Circus (check them out they’re amazing!) I sang and danced so much the I lost my voice on day 1 oops!. Generally, at festivals, I choose to spend most of my time with the Angel Gardens crew singing songs around the campfire, pitching in with the activities and being part of the family, that to me, is what’s important.

Overall Blissfields was quieter to some of the other festivals I have been to in the past, being run on Thurs/Friday/Sat means there less young children about as it’s still in the school term but I still got to make lots of children and adults happy with colourful festival face paint magic. Here are some of my favourite face painting pics from the weekend…

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My top 3 tips to survive any festival

  1. Stock up on instant NOODLES! – an absolute necessity, in my opinion.

  2. Pack a spare Loo roll or pack of tissues – just in case the portaloos are empty
  3. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!!  Sunburn hurts a lot and the shade is your best friend

Big shout-outs to…

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Next, I will be at Truck Festival in Oxford then to Ynot in Derbyshire so if you are there too please do come say hi!

Don’t forget your Love, Hugs, Likes and Shares, See you soon! 

Xx- Nicky Noodles -xX

April Easter Catch Up!

Wow, what a month, this easter has been spectacularly busy and I have some exciting news to share with you all.

I’m so happy I wanted to tell everyone and shout about it, I wouldn’t usually mix personal and business stories on my page but it’s all Nicky Noodles at the end of the day my business is my everything, making you happy makes me happy so let’s celebrate together the happy news.

During the month I’ve sung my heart out hosting 2 karaoke nights at the Wellington in Shadwell. What a laugh we had together with the locals it really is one of my favourite activities I offer, not many people know I offer Karaoke entertainment if you’re interested please do get in touch to book.

I went on a pirate adventure with the youngsters at All Stars Nursery in Farsley, A storytelling interactive workshop, we learnt about the pirate ship, fought the invisible Captain Skellybones, painted out faces and had sword fights with real balloon swords! All to save the magical mermaids bubble. Let us know if you would like to see more storytelling adventure parties in the near future, we are always looking for ways to improve and keep our parties the best in town.

Of course, our Easter could not be complete without the Farsley WMC big Easter party. We had DJ Stu playing lots of fun games and hosting the one and only FWMC Easter Bonnet contest while I was busy away painting the cutest bunny faces, Awwwww!

More photos here

To finish up the month Me and my partner celebrated our engagement party for friends and family, we sang together, laughed together and partied together. It was a truly wonderful night and so grateful to know such wonderful people. SUPRISE… we shocked them all with the announcement to come and join us all for the actual wedding the same time next year!

Words can not describe how I excited I am to be planning the biggest party of my life, I have never done this before and never plan on doing it again so I am looking for any help, suggestions, whatever; if you can offer advice or a service let me know in the comments.

Easter bunny? chocolate rabbit?… no an actual rabbit!?! and she’s gorgeous!

I’ve never seen myself as a bunny girl or even liked rabbits (I was scared of them as a kid)…

But it was love at first sight <3

The shop was going to send her back to the breeder because the manager thought she’d never sell with one ear missing, so we decided to give her a forever home with us and she is a total soft cuddly nutter just like the rest of us.

So proudly introducing the newest member of the noodles family…

Miss Lopsi Noodles

Happy Easter everyone!

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xX – Nicky Noodles – Xx


Sleepless ramblings!

Sometimes I find myself sat awake at 3 am wondering how it is I’ve managed to forget how to fall asleep oncan't sleepce again (you’d think it would be easy I’ve had lots of practice).

Even so, I find it quite a peaceful yet very annoying time of the day where I don’t do much but think… Mostly about random stuff flittering through my brain and other times I find myself planning about what to do next.

I keep promising myself I will use this blog more but every time I say this I either run out of things to say or just can’t seem to find the time. Currently, I’m studying Special fx & media make up on a night class at college spend two days a week teaching and help run Leeds Children’s Circus and the rest of my time I split running Nicky Noodles, spending time with family and occasionally just about manage to sleep! So even though this post isn’t strictly Nicky Noodles Ents related I’m sure this is a good time to get to know me a little better as I unravel my sleepless mind.

I’ve always been a big dreamer (ironic when you can’t sleep), I have lots of ideas but never enough time, I pretend to organised, with at least 7 notebooks on the go at the moment (I always seem to loose them) but the one thing I can be sure of is that I’m Never Normal. That is perfectly ok too, I like being weird, I like being unique, I like that I can make people smile and proud that this is what I do for a living. Some people don’t like that I unicycle for a hobby or that I have two beautiful pet rats and that’s ok too but just never forget I’m still human, I still feel and sometimes I just can’t sleep!

Ibe proud have a big fear of sharing my work/ thoughts in case people don’t like it or find it irritating (which still may be the case). But I am proud of what I do and I want to dedicate 2017 to sharing my passions via blog, facebook Instagram anything. Because if you’re proud of something there’s nothing wrong with sharing it and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

So let me know, what are you proud of today?


Just Smile :)

smile because you canDo something today that brings a smile to someone’s day, a random act of kindness. It could be a conversation at the bus stop, give someone a balloon, sing a song or even just smiling yourself can be very infectious!

Be beautiful ;)In this world today, there is truly never enough smiles, too many people wrapped up in their own little worlds, pulling duck faces in clubs trying everything to be like someone else. But what they don’t realise is being yourself is truly beautiful, a smile is the most gorgeous accessory you could ever wear. Everybody is special and unique and we need to celebrate that every day.

I’m not saying you should wear a giant rainbow jacket every day like I do, I’m saying be YOU, be whatever makes you happy! Smile until your face aches, giggle like a toddler does. Just bring joy to the world.

People ask why I love working with children, it’s because there are truly genuine people, there not trying to be like anyone else or fit in they just want to have fun!Smile and Sparkle!

Yes I know, as you get older you try desperately as a teen to be like everyone else, one of the cool kids while desperately trying to be an adult and somewhere in that it’s very easy to loose yourself. I’ll be honest I cherish and despise my teen years and I’m sure there’s a lot out there who will agree. I hated not knowing who I was anymore, trying to make big decisions about where I was going with my life, trying to pick the right classes, do the right thing all at the same time of trying to be invisible from the bullies in the class. I had no idea what I would do, no idea what my future would hold, all I knew is I wanted to make people SMILE.

Change the world - smilePeople think I’m crazy because I call face painting etc. a career but to me it is, it is something I’m truly passionate about, I am good at, I’m always trying to improve at, something I love and best of all I get to create smiles. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child’s face light up when they look into the mirror and be transformed, or that moment when a child truly believe that you are a real pixie and truly believe in magic… moments like these truly make it all worthwhile, the back pain, the stress, the struggle during quiet spells.

So do me a favour today… go make someone smile 🙂