Planning a festival day, evening event or celebration and want to make a BIG impression?  Why not add something special to your event and hire Nicky Noodles entertainment.

Here’s what You could have…

Face painting stallFP stall3

The iconic activity that completes any event… Whether its face painting the little ones at a school fair or adults going back to there youth at a festival, we’ve done it all. Best of all at larger events we can charge per face to the customers saving you money!


HalloweenStilt walking

Can you imagine walking through the doors
to your favourite spooky night club event to see an 8ft Grim Reaper towering over you? Too scary for you? Don’t worry we have lots of colourful characters in a verity of themes to suit your needs that can really bring your event to life.

Walk-a-bout circus performing 

Do you want a pirate juggling swords? Do you want Queen Elsa performing illusions with her crystal ball made of ice! Great Gatsby themed ball?… how about a flapper girl doing the Charleston on a unicycle! If you can think of it, we will do everything we can to make it possible. So go on, use your imagination!Walk about

Circus workshopscircus workshop

Worried about having bored kids at your fun day? How about you let us challenge them to learn a new trick and run away with the circus! (just kidding) But honestly, Circus skills is a great way to challenge them, keep them amused and learn a new skill that they can treasure for a lifetime. Yes, we trick them into learning by having fun… Don’t tell anyone or everyone will start doing it!

Fire skills

A bit of a dare devil are you? Do you want something dangerous and exciting at your event which will have your guests jaws on the floor as we twist and spin fire around our bodies and YES IT IS REAL FIRE!… (You don’t have to tell them though that it is completely ((well mostly)) safe as we have safety procedures in place which protect the public and leaves us with just a few singed hairs)    😉Fire

pirate stiltsStill can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us now and we can tailor
make a character for your event, you tell us want you wantand we’ll make your dreams come true!

Start planning your event and BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.