As you’ve probably guessed this page is dedicated to some of the frequently asked questions. I’ve tried to answer your questions to the best of my abilities but if there’s anything I have missed or you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me via our Contact Us page.

Q. What are your prices? (why aren’t they on the website?)

A. At Nicky Noodles, we pride ourselves on giving you the best party possible and in order to do that we want to give you the freedom of choosing what activities you want and the option to create your own personalised party package. This means it’s very difficult to but a price tag on, so once you’ve picked your favourite activities just click get a quote now, fill in the form and I will get back to you asap!

Alternatively, we have now put prices on our pre-made party packages so you can check them out to give you a rough guide on what we charge.

Q. Do you take a deposit for parties?

A. Yes, we do now have to take a deposit on all our parties, this just gives us both more security as a client as well as the host. Most deposits are now taken via PayPal when booking but if you wish to pay an alternate method (i.e. bank transfer or cheque) just contact me directly and I can sort that out no problem.

In extreme circumstances or on a very rare occasion where I have to cancel, I will give you a full refund of your deposit. (please note I have never cancelled on a party yet, and hopefully, never will do)

Q. How many children can you paint in an hour?

A. On average I can paint 10-15 quality face paint designs in an hour, depending on the designs they pick and how wiggly they are! If you’re not certain I recommend booking extra time to make sure there are no disappointed children and if there is extra time that is no problem that gives us time for touch ups, arm paintings and the grown ups can get a turn too and if not you can combine it with one of the other activities but no matter what you will always get your money’s worth. *please book your time slot accordingly when booking, and I do apologise that I can’t paint 50 children in an hour… I’m not wonder woman!*

Q. What are the ingredients in the paints and is it safe?

A. I use the following brands of professional quality face paint that are safe to use on children; Global, Tag, Wolfe, Grimas & Snazaroo. CLICK HERE to find out the list of ingredients of the paints used.

Please tell me if there are any specific ingredients/brands you do not wish to be used on you children.

Q. What time will you arrive at the party?

A. I always try to arrive at the party 15-30mins before the party starts, this can vary depending on how much kit we need to set up in advance. I will let you know prior to the party.

Q. What’s you favourite colour?

A. Of course, it has to be RAINBOWS!!! There just simply too many beautiful colours to just pick one 🙂

Q. Do you take your own photos? You got my bad side, could you take down my picture from your website?

A. Sometimes at a gig, I will paint such an awesome deign on a cute little face which is just a perfect moment I want to share it with everyone. I do always ask verbal permission of parents/guardians before taking the photo and occasionally I do use photo’s sent to us.

I do sometimes use these images of advertising on the web & social media but if for any reason you do not want us to use a photo of you or your child, please contact us and I will remove it ASAP no questions asked.