Just Smile :)

smile because you canDo something today that brings a smile to someone’s day, a random act of kindness. It could be a conversation at the bus stop, give someone a balloon, sing a song or even just smiling yourself can be very infectious!

Be beautiful ;)In this world today, there is truly never enough smiles, too many people wrapped up in their own little worlds, pulling duck faces in clubs trying everything to be like someone else. But what they don’t realise is being yourself is truly beautiful, a smile is the most gorgeous accessory you could ever wear. Everybody is special and unique and we need to celebrate that every day.

I’m not saying you should wear a giant rainbow jacket every day like I do, I’m saying be YOU, be whatever makes you happy! Smile until your face aches, giggle like a toddler does. Just bring joy to the world.

People ask why I love working with children, it’s because there are truly genuine people, there not trying to be like anyone else or fit in they just want to have fun!Smile and Sparkle!

Yes I know, as you get older you try desperately as a teen to be like everyone else, one of the cool kids while desperately trying to be an adult and somewhere in that it’s very easy to loose yourself. I’ll be honest I cherish and despise my teen years and I’m sure there’s a lot out there who will agree. I hated not knowing who I was anymore, trying to make big decisions about where I was going with my life, trying to pick the right classes, do the right thing all at the same time of trying to be invisible from the bullies in the class. I had no idea what I would do, no idea what my future would hold, all I knew is I wanted to make people SMILE.

Change the world - smilePeople think I’m crazy because I call face painting etc. a career but to me it is, it is something I’m truly passionate about, I am good at, I’m always trying to improve at, something I love and best of all I get to create smiles. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child’s face light up when they look into the mirror and be transformed, or that moment when a child truly believe that you are a real pixie and truly believe in magic… moments like these truly make it all worthwhile, the back pain, the stress, the struggle during quiet spells.

So do me a favour today… go make someone smile 🙂

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