Sleepless ramblings!

Sometimes I find myself sat awake at 3 am wondering how it is I’ve managed to forget how to fall asleep oncan't sleepce again (you’d think it would be easy I’ve had lots of practice).

Even so, I find it quite a peaceful yet very annoying time of the day where I don’t do much but think… Mostly about random stuff flittering through my brain and other times I find myself planning about what to do next.

I keep promising myself I will use this blog more but every time I say this I either run out of things to say or just can’t seem to find the time. Currently, I’m studying Special fx & media make up on a night class at college spend two days a week teaching and help run Leeds Children’s Circus and the rest of my time I split running Nicky Noodles, spending time with family and occasionally just about manage to sleep! So even though this post isn’t strictly Nicky Noodles Ents related I’m sure this is a good time to get to know me a little better as I unravel my sleepless mind.

I’ve always been a big dreamer (ironic when you can’t sleep), I have lots of ideas but never enough time, I pretend to organised, with at least 7 notebooks on the go at the moment (I always seem to loose them) but the one thing I can be sure of is that I’m Never Normal. That is perfectly ok too, I like being weird, I like being unique, I like that I can make people smile and proud that this is what I do for a living. Some people don’t like that I unicycle for a hobby or that I have two beautiful pet rats and that’s ok too but just never forget I’m still human, I still feel and sometimes I just can’t sleep!

Ibe proud have a big fear of sharing my work/ thoughts in case people don’t like it or find it irritating (which still may be the case). But I am proud of what I do and I want to dedicate 2017 to sharing my passions via blog, facebook Instagram anything. Because if you’re proud of something there’s nothing wrong with sharing it and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

So let me know, what are you proud of today?


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